Hey Beautiful Heads! Thanks for showing your interest in knowing us. I am Gina AKA Puja Thapa, the founder plus Author of ‘Glamish India’ and………….

A Licensed Aesthetician, Blogger & a Digital Marketer based in India, have qualified DBC and ADA (Aesthetics) from the VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition(India) As some of you already know I am a by heart philocalist, Travel freak, and a food lover too!

My work is my way to show love for human beauty. I love intensifying the god gifted beauty of a person. Here, with this blog, the only aspiration of mine is to deliver knowledge among people through my writings about beauty and health. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you all so that you can feel fascinated by your own self when you look at the mirror and feel confident about yourself.


As I believe “to feel beautiful inside one must feel beautiful outside too. This works on a ‘vice-versa” way. When you look good- you will definitely feel good!!!!!!!

My whisper to you!

As we all know our Mother Nature has made everything and everyone beautiful in its own unique way. But, humans are the only kind where the majority is never happy or satisfied with the beauty they possess. As the reason says——-‘those layers of flaws——-that coverage of imperfection—those obstacles standing between you and your true form’

But, now is the Time to stop hiding your face with layers & layers of coverage. It’s time to reveal your own beauty by erasing those imperfections, by eliminating every flaw, and by removing all those barriers standing between you and your true form of gracefulness. Now is the time to fall in love with your own self.

I am here to be on your side, share my knowledge about how you can remove those stubborn imperfections; I am here to listen to you; to answer your queries, and to help you be the best version of YOU. My mission is to draw your attention to the beauty you have hidden and to help enhance it. This will help you be the best version of YOU.

To all my clients and readers of this blog

A big THANK YOU for giving me the support for years now. I would love to come up with more and more helpful articles for you all. I remain in appreciation!

P.S. Being the real version of you is the only way to see the beauty within you~to accept your true self~to love yourself. And that’s gonna make you possess the key of confidence.

With LOVE from GINA


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